Connected Vehicles Transport
Systems and Networks

New and existing forms of connectivity offer the potential for far greater use of safety related features, as well as real-time and off-line information which will benefit those using the network and those who are responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Electric Vehicles

Political support for a move away from internal combustion engines and towards electric vehicles and other future forms of propulsion is gaining momentum around the world as the local and wider air quality  impacts of petrol and diesel vehicles are better understood.

Automated Driving

Sometimes described as ‘driverless’ but with many levels of actual automation in practice, automated technologies have been emerging for decades and will increasingly affect all types of light and heavy vehicles.

Business Models

This element is critical to cost
– both actual and perceived
– and the ability to create
change that will stand the test of time. It requires imaginative, fast and decisive action.

Shared Use

This bundle lies at the heart of place-making change and relates specifically to vehicle ownership models, and to the extent to which we might be prepared to move towards shared mobility and away from private car ownership.