WSP Smart® Solutions focus on people in the built environment by reducing the negative impacts of densification through apps that make life more accessible for people living in densely populated areas including disabled, youth, elderly and disadvantaged groups.

82% of the population in North America
lives or works in urban areas

WSP Smart® Transportation is striving to make Canada safer for drivers and active transportation users. Using the latest technology to help drivers find their way with dynamic digital signage, integrated traffic apps, easy to locate and access parking and intelligent transportation system integration.

Motor vehicle incidents account for almost
1.3 million deaths globally every year, 90% of
which are attributable to human factors

WSP Smart® Solutions connect business owners, policy makers, asset managers and service providers with stakeholders and help decision making through the access of relevant data. Using technology, communication networks and cybersecurity, we help make these connections stronger, safer and more reliable.

Nearly 90% of Canadians own a smart phone

WSP Smart® Buildings has so much to offer Canadian hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities. Integrated, sustainable and patient-centred features, state of the art hospital IT and security systems, reliable and fast wireless communication technology and innovative building designs enable flexibility, adaptability and resiliency to help patients stay safe, comfortable and connected to the outside world while receiving the care they need.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health
Information (CIHI), approximately 3 million
Canadians are hospitalized each year